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What is Writography?
Just a photograph and some words that it evokes…


I knew it was going to be great! I was anticipating a lovely picture of the sun setting majestically against the backdrop of cars racing into a blur. Driving home from office, I was already thinking of just stepping in, picking up my camera bag, tripod and making a dash for it. As I arrived at the spot, I looked east and saw one huge cloud hovering over Mt. Hamilton. I hastily took a few pictures and turned my attention westwards. That’s where I thought, almost arrogantly, the action was going to be. My expectations kept rising as the sun kept lowering.

Huge, beautiful clouds, a break just above the mountain-lined horizon and the color started to appear. And just like an eccentric actor who makes an appearance under the lights but on a whim, does not put up an act and deserts the stage leaving the audience confused and confounded, the sun called it a day and left with only a sliver of bright yellow lining on the closest cloud. That was it! Arrogance melted, dissolved in disappointment.

But just as I turned around, dejection instantly turned into elation as if someone had flipped a switch! I saw a huge white blob rising slowly onto the purple tinged canvas. The huge mass of cloud still hanging over Mt. Hamilton looked as if a painter had touched it lightly with a brush that had more color than needed for the canvas. I rushed to capture this treat, relished doing so and left content having witnessed a beautiful end to a beautiful day.

At times, what we seek is indeed what we get but only if we change our perspective!





“May be it’s her smile, or may be it’s the way she talks. Whatever it is, I can never ignore her cloud-like cheeks assuming a tinge of pink and red when she is about to confide in me. But at other times, they are so colorless and dark that I wonder if she is angry and won’t talk anymore. Sometimes the blowing winds run crazily towards me as if she eagerly wants to share something and at the very next instant they quiet down and I can picture her waiting expectantly to hear my reply. With the still water she makes me look into a mirror and then with the gentle waves running across it, she nudges me to look harder to find my true self.

I specially enjoy her company in the evenings when she is tired from all the chit chatting and just wants to call it a day. That is when the words become sparser and the eyelids become heavier but just before she closes them, she always smiles warmly… painting everything in a gamut of colors as if she were recounting how the day went by and within a few moments she’s fast asleep. On a clear night, when I look up towards the starry sky I can only imagine how beautiful her dreams might be!

Lonely? Why should I be, when my best friend is always there for me?”