The Social Life

Incarcerated in a small screen,
addicted to a few windows.
Why not jump out of them,
it’s equally addictive outdoors.

Content with 140 characters
posts, tweets, retweets.
How about 140 steps together
to gawk at nature’s feats?

700 friends, 500 connections, 300 followers,
that’s quite a congregation.
Though hardly beats lying alone in the dark,
getting lost in stars, in constellations.

More likes and comments, by hook or crook.
Ignoring Facebook, why not face a book?
Birthday wall posts for one and all,
Number is on phone, why don’t we just call?

Looking for new friends?
Clicks and pokes can get us dozens.
Peeking into the rear view mirror,
what about those we cherished once?

Using endless applications,
to overwhelm life with social.
Why not turn this on head
and infuse some life into social?


Your thoughts?

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