“May be it’s her smile, or may be it’s the way she talks. Whatever it is, I can never ignore her cloud-like cheeks assuming a tinge of pink and red when she is about to confide in me. But at other times, they are so colorless and dark that I wonder if she is angry and won’t talk anymore. Sometimes the blowing winds run crazily towards me as if she eagerly wants to share something and at the very next instant they quiet down and I can picture her waiting expectantly to hear my reply. With the still water she makes me look into a mirror and then with the gentle waves running across it, she nudges me to look harder to find my true self.

I specially enjoy her company in the evenings when she is tired from all the chit chatting and just wants to call it a day. That is when the words become sparser and the eyelids become heavier but just before she closes them, she always smiles warmly… painting everything in a gamut of colors as if she were recounting how the day went by and within a few moments she’s fast asleep. On a clear night, when I look up towards the starry sky I can only imagine how beautiful her dreams might be!

Lonely? Why should I be, when my best friend is always there for me?”



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