A Word’s Worth

Magic! Do you believe in it? Do you believe in time travel? In reading other person’s mind? In witches and wizards who can make you think and react to their whims and fancies?  Do you wish you could somehow experience the unbridled joys and naivety of childhood once again? Well, you can almost do all of this. All you need to do is surrender yourself completely to the right words. Simply put, words are magical!

They can scathe and they can soothe. They can be the thorn and the rose. They can tickle and tease. Give you a hard time and then put you at ease. They can make you see and smell and feel and sense. They can take you wherever you wish or just sit by your side under the stars. They can be the Hobbes that catches you unawares by sneakily pouncing on your Calvin self and boy, is that fun! They can make you sob and smile. They can be a reality and a dream… I could go on and on but you get the drift.

Now that we have established that words are super awesome, let me switch gears and come to the point. We often hear that a picture is worth a thousand words, but nobody really tells what is a word’s worth. And to reach a simple conclusion, I propose an even simpler exercise. I am going to mention one word and all you need to do is think about that word for just 5 seconds. To see some special effects, you can also close your eyes while you are thinking. So here is the word:


You are here already? Man, your 5 seconds are fast! So what did you think of? In my case, I pictured the Z Bridge back home and the Golden Gate Bridge. You might have thought of your favorite bridge or the one you travel on quite frequently or maybe even of an abstract concept of something connecting two places. The point is, if we assume that a thousand people are reading this post right now (an exaggeration that would put even Rajnikanth or Chuck Norris jokes to shame!), then we can safely conclude:

A word is, at least, worth a thousand pictures.

While not a startling fact, in fact almost an axiomatic one, this is precisely the reason for starting this blog. I realized that in the past few years I was so enamored by taking and editing pictures that I almost forgot about my love for words. Whatever “me time” I would get, I would spend it all in learning new tools and techniques to improve my photography. Though I still love doing that, I want to take back some of my time and spend it in the company of words. Reading as well as writing.

Eventually, if a picture is worth a thousand words and a word is at least worth a thousand pictures, then I am more than happy to get lost in this beautiful recursion!

words heart


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