The Pilot

Yes, yet another byte-devouring, full of itself, good for nothing blog to grace this beautiful place called the Internet! At least most of the blogs start that way. And most end that way too, unless they make even an iota of difference to the reader’s knowledge, thought process, emotions or at least to his/her mood. Can I promise any of these? Not yet. But still I would love to have readers. Getting a dedicated reader in the blogosphere is as tough as getting 10 Likes on a Facebook status of “Awww…”, posted by a guy! Rest assured that I am neither the guy who will Like such a status and far far from a person who will post one like that, let me at least give it a try.

I will be trying to pen keyboard my experiences and thoughts such that they leave the reader, if not with new found powers to deal with life, at least with a smile, some optimism and may be something to chew on. In a way it’s about my “experiments with life”. I thought of having that as the name for my site, but then backed out at the thought of anti-suicide protesters at my door!

One of the primary reasons to start this blog is that whatever minuscule time I have ever spent on writing anything, I’ve always had fun! Writing well is hard but fun for sure. No harm then in having as much fun as one can, right? Oh and yes, I will also try to share some of my photography here. Do I hear a “Not another ‘photographer’ please!”? I know owning a DSLR has become as common as having a first and last name, but don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it as novel as possible.

If you like where this blog is headed (which even I’m not exactly sure of, but still…) please feel free to share this site on your social networks. I wish I possessed the audacity to blatantly proclaim “1 Like equals 1000 blessings” or “1 Tweet will fulfill your 3 wishes on Sunday”, but alas, I don’t! Also, I’m sure you falling for that is as improbable as a Yash Chopra movie without songs.

In a way the first blog post is like the pilot episode of a series. It needs to reveal just enough to pique one’s interest but hide enough so that one has reason to keep coming back for more. There is a similar analogy about skirts, but let’s not get into that.

Having pitched my pilot, if you think this series is worth following, stay tuned!

P.S. English can be a funny language. I don’t get how the word pilot could come to mean an experiment which can fail and also a person flying an aircraft!


Your thoughts?

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